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Management & PMC


Overall the project will be managed by the grant holder Coordinator assisted in its  management tasks by work packages (WP) leaders, and the Project management Committee (PMC).

     The structure of the project and its management has been designed to ensure that its outputs deliver its objectives and series of key milestones have been identified through the management of which enable the project to progress to time and on budget.


According to the application

  1. *We will start the project with building a management system for the project at consortium level, which makes all partners equally informed & involved in different work packages including detailed and will defined tasks to be  executed.

  2. *A sub-committee is established under consortium board  reporting constantly to the full board on task and activity distribution & work package progresses. The task distribution will be based on the specific resources , skills and resources of each specific partner institution.

  3. *An  organizational chart is  drawn  up to include project structure and the  detailed work packages plan and tasks.

  4. * The main administration activities for the entire project is responsibility of the grant holder institution. But, each partner will also set up its own administration system & report it to consortium committee

Minutes of the Kick off meeting(KoM) 

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