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A brief summary of our services. 

Critical quality parameters in hospitals and medical/healthcare clinics.

3 days training and workshop program


The aim of this event is to critically examine different quality dimensions/parameters which are essential in healthcare instituions (HCI) setting (public and private hospitals and centers and clinics) and practically utilizable and flexible to self correct in any contemporary healthcare environment. 


The Training and workshop further proposes an integrated approach/model for HCI after critically evaluating the quality parameters. The program will benefit and help the HCI to achieve effective patient care with enhanced satisfaction. 



Infaction control

Surveillance of  infections and  assessment of compliance with IPC  practices

  • Established priorities for surveillance of infections and pathogens, standardized case definitions and active methods of surveillance. 

  • Systematic assessment of compliance with IPC practices. Detection of outbreaks and prompt response.

  • Documentation of the situation of HAI and IPC practices.

  • Microbiology laboratory

  • Standardization of microbiology laboratory techniques.

  • Promotion of the interaction between IPC activities and the microbiology laboratory.

  • Use microbiology data for surveillance and IPC activities. 

  • Establish laboratory biosafety standards

Capacity Development


This training of trainers (ToT) workshop and training programs are designed for Quality, Evaluation and Monitoring and evaluation (QEM) of different medical and public health issues to support junior and senior managers and specialists in medical and health care sector. These include field officers placed in-country by national and international partner specialists  and agencies. Our target groups professionals working in national, regional, and local government and private agencies and non governmental organizations; staff located at headquarters of international partner agencies; and other practitioners interested in QEM programs.

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