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            Developing and Establishing of the I CARE Clinics

The  development of the I Care  “Inter-personal student-led  Innovative primary Care Centres  (CeHI)” is based on a collaborative process between faculties of




health sciences

(nursing, wocial work, physiotherapy)   and

120 voluntary commitment senior students across the four disciplines at the project partner universities. 


EU partners  and the non academic enterprises (hospitlas and health care centers as well as individual clinics  are also involved in the development process. 


The coroner stones of the collaboration are, interprofessionalism, patient-centered  PHC care based on University-healh sector cooperation and knowledge triangle concept. 

WP 3 Zoom meeting on 26/2.15.00 -17.00 Leader Genoa University by Dr. Guido Amoretti-Agenda& Minutes

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