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               Objectives of I CARE             
  1.  modernization of health sciences education curricula (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing, allied health services, psychology, etc

  2. Establishmentof Inter professional university-health centere of exellence.

  3. Developing new study and training programs such as dipolma and masters

  4. Introduction of medical inter centers professional training, teaching & learning 

  5. Launching Inter professional collaboration Student run primary care clinics (SRCs) with focus on providing medicl and health services to socioeconomically disadvantaged poor and elderly patients

  6. I​mproving the teaching competency of academic staff and teacher practitioners/ clinician educators Capacity Building

The primary goals of this site is to spread inspiration for and increase knowledge and communication regarding (Student Run Clinics (SRCs), best medical and health care quality as well as best practices in patient care, student education, research, cooperation between academic and non academic institutions and medical and health care staff as well as  and practice management in such clinics.



  • I CARE Centres and Web platform

  • I CARE  inter-professional- student led Clinics with focus on needy groups.

  • ICARE Professional Course modules (Diploma and Masters)

  • ICARE Capacity Building & In-service training

                        The Goal:


The main goal at I CARE

 1. to provide effective solutions designed to boost Medical Education and student internship. ​​

2. I CARE  consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the patient needs in order to ensure Healte Care Quality and Patient safty

Impact of the project

Minutes of the February 2022 Zoom meeting 

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